Music to Listen to With Headphones In

by AP Macroeconomics



released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


AP Macroeconomics Bellingham, Washington

I make avant garde, pop-punk inspired country hop beats, with twinge of minimalism.

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Track Name: Unnatural Muscles
Unnatural Muscles

I know when I was ten
A video of a man who fell from wire tower
He was shocked and fell to the ground
I watched it and didn't bat an eye
A bird was hit by a car
I cried for a while

Unnatural muscles don't flinch

Just say I were just say I were uploaded
If I was just a box with correspondence
Can a simple mechanism hold emotion?
Would I have a muscle for empathy?
Will I have seen a thousand men fall to the ground again
That I have nothing to feel
Will I see so much I have nothing to feel?
Track Name: Mouthbreather
Graceful, graceful
Read my message from behind my back
The common decency laid in the track
You oilman
Laying down a slick behind your back
Fall back
I turn resume position inches back
In fact
It's yours and outta sight and outta mind
In time
The patterns in bus seats lay down a map
Now fact
Examining instead of peering in your lap
I lost a stop in mind go figure that
Hop off
I walk a mile home revisit tracks
My phone
Is dead perhaps it starts to explain that
Which I
Have cured by reading notes sent to your lap

Wish you could stay
Longer than we both had had in mind
The rinds
Are peeling off with every text
Your kind, you mimes;
Adapt a grid a net for those that try
To change, with time
Real talk, with time
Now walk wire tween the towers with
No line
Track Name: Cuckoo Clock (with Beige Monk)
It all falls apart
The speed of which wavers from a crawl to a city sprawl

Pieces misalign
Motor, off kilter by design
Some parts in a crescent moon
Movements vibrate within a sine
Motor, off kilter by design
Some parts in a crescent moon
Movement vibrates
Track Name: Agriprise!
Tellphone, tellphone lines
They reach out, reach for obsolescence
Lessons for our cells
Infrastructure expires with time
Infrastructure expires with time
Oh please, don't bore us this time
(Take 'em down before you put them up)
Tower tower
Power power lines
Cower cower
Cower cower from time
Oh please oh please
Don't bore us this time

Your Agriprise it's!
It's just surprising to me
Putting up trees, putting up trees
Put up trees
Your Agriprise it's!
It's just surprising to me
Taking down trees, taking down trees
Take down trees
Track Name: Reel It In, Cowboy (SsSs)
Reel it in cowboy
You know how it is
You can't just fade away like 1996
I'll give you props if you get away with it
Just change your name or never make a page
Romy and Michelle's a lie you can't come back in 2025 and think we won't just know your life
Reel it in
Track Name: Stingray
I hope you don't feel strange
Don't keep yourself up late
Or you'll find a court date
I hope you don't sting me
Hope you don't feel me
Evict yourself quietly with haste
I hope they let it go to waste
Oh Stingray
You're no longer up late
I hope you let your data go
Let the population now
Oh Stingray
Oh can you keep a secret
One day you may regret
One day we may regret
Track Name: Unreal Thing
When we were together
You knew me well enough to let me go
In these three days since I've felt besides a cigarette and losing control
Not a thing

When we weren't together
From DC I reached my digits and grabbed your hand
You've been reduced in my life
I see a screen, an image on my phone
Not a thing

You're right in front of me now
Though I'm 3000 miles away
Farther than I'll ever walk on my own
Middlemen giving us human for once
Mediums making us see for ourselves
Distance just ain't what it used to be
So much for lonely nights thinking our screen's
The loneliest we'll ever be

Now we are together
Far away but still our digits hold outreached
We've made time for middlemen, mediums
Incisions in our homes
Unreal Thing
Track Name: Mannheim
Follow landmarks on the map
The roundabout turns this way that
We lived at the end of this street
Counted windows there's the room where I would sleep
Here's the field where I would count the leaves
If four I'd wish that all of us would leave
The ice it makes thick enough a sheen
To bring us back to where we used to be

And now I'm over every acre that I knew
Every second grader memory I knew
The screen it makes a good enough a visor just to stop myself from falling the fuck in
To a world I hardly knew that I was in
How it passes us like notes within a din
the screen enough to bring me back in my mind, not enough in real life but I
Track Name: People III
There's more people online than in the world
They'll do just fine
But they want to be someone better than they seem
They expect the same as the best
Million videos of Adele singing screens
I'm more active online than in the world
I'll do just fine
But I want to be something greater than I seem
I expect the same as the best
Million little songs on your Bandcamp screen
You're a selfish self and you're not alone
You'll do just fine
We all want to be something greater than we seem
We expect the same as the best
Open unopened links like you want to be seen
Track Name: Budd Dwyer Suicide
Budd Dwyer Suicide
Rape is your scandal, rape is your reason why
Put it live for the public to handle as they see fit
They won't handle this shit
1.2 million viewers
1.2 makes it a hit
1.2 will view as they see fit

Family calls your name the screens are calling too
How many of the 1.2 million are open gawking fetishizing views?
Doesn't matter who's to blame, Budd Dwyer Suicide it's all the same
Doesn't matter who's to blame, Budd Dwyer Suicide it's all the same
Budd Dwyer Suicide it's all the same
Budd Dwyer Suicide it's all the same
If this will affect you please stay away
Please stay away
Please stay away
Budd Dwyer Suicide makes it okay
1.2 million makes it okay
Track Name: Memory Boy
Get away from me, I'm a Virus, I'm a plague
When you say my name I hope it doesn't leave a stain upon your lips
Imprints on your fingertips
Ghost me away, I'm sure I'll find another home to lay my troubled memory in
I'm riddled with these viruses and bugs just so me in
I'll find another code to realign myself with

Memory, boy, oh memory, don't
You know it never fades, no
It always fades away, don't
You try to play it off, stop
It's never gonna age, no
Will never fade away boy
It's always in your name, boy
The memory's the same
Track Name: Reciprocity, Begin
Return your attention to the screen
Eye contact disrupted for the second time
Call her just to say goodnight
Can you remember that?
Can you write it down somewhere, type it out
That's what Notepad's all about
And you know that you messed up
Fix it don't just think that it's enough
To know you messed up and to
Know that it just ain't enough

I know this distance thing has got you on your toes your neck is sinking in
But if you start to drown you've got a line your lovely wife will start to reel you in
Reciprocity, begin,
Call her everyday
Don't be so anxious that you'll waste some time
Where would it go if it weren't here?
Where would you be if she weren't here?

Let her in

Your voice is good enough to make her day
So why don't you just sit and stay awhile? Sit and make her smile?
It's not hard
It's not hard to stay in touch these days
The screen is just a thing
The screen is just a thing
What matters is the person that it brings